The active ingredient in Lugol's solution is molecular iodine, which affects both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, as well as pathogenic fungi. Prolonged use of it even destroys staphylococcal flora resistant to treatment. The preparation also includes glycerin, which has a soothing effect, and potassium iodide, which promotes the dissolution of iodine in water.

Lugol's solution is a time-tested antiseptic widely used for infectious and inflammatory diseases in the throat area. It is prescribed for both children and adults with acute and chronic tonsillitis.

Application of Lugol's solution for tonsillitis

It is advisable to use this remedy when the disease is just beginning to manifest. The effect of the drug in mild cases is evident. However, if a high temperature persists for several days and purulent tonsillitis has developed, Lugol's alone will not provide significant results - in such a situation, oral antibiotics are needed. This antiseptic should be part of the comprehensive treatment of tonsillitis, not the sole measure of intervention.

Otolaryngologists use this drug for washing lacunae. Previously, only a solution could be used, but now there is a more convenient form - a spray.

Disadvantages of Lugol's Solution

Before applying Lugol to the throat for purulent angina or another form of tonsillitis, it is necessary to consider some of its drawbacks. The most obvious of these is the taste and smell, which are difficult for many to tolerate. Very often, smearing and irrigating the throat with this drug causes patients to have the urge to vomit. It is especially problematic to use Lugol for angina in children - it causes very strong aversion in them. In addition, there is a burning sensation in the sore throat after treatment for some time.

The consistency of the preparation is quite thick, which negatively affects the quality of treatment of affected areas. Often, due to the thickness of the liquid, it is difficult to free the lacunae from pus. This is why Lugol's solution is often ineffective for purulent angina.

Eating right after the procedure may cause heartburn. In addition, the throat can be irritated and become even more painful.

Iodine is a relatively strong allergen, so it should be used with caution, taking into account individual contraindications and possible allergic reactions. Such phenomena as rhinitis, urticaria, acne rash, Quincke's edema may occur. In addition, possible side effects of Lugol's solution include:

  • irritation of the skin;
  • tachycardia;
  • nervousness;
  • sleep disturbances;
  • increased sweating;
  • diarrhea (after 40 years).

In most cases, the drug is well tolerated. If worrisome symptoms occur, they should be discussed with the treating physician. He will determine whether it is possible to gargle with Lugol's solution for angina and continue treatment or whether it is better to choose another antiseptic. This medication should not be used for adenoma, tuberculosis of the lungs, nephrosis, furunculosis. Doctors prescribe Lugol's solution for angina in children under 5 years old with extreme caution.

Choosing the Form of the Medication

When choosing a treatment, it is necessary to decide which dosage form to use. Both Lugol's spray and solution are effective for angina, but each has certain advantages and disadvantages.

This drug is used quite economically in any dosage form. However, the spray tends to run out a bit faster than the solution.

Lugol spray for angina is good because it is more convenient to maintain precise dosing when using it. It is unsafe to use it for treating small children: laryngospasm may occur during spraying. As for the effectiveness of treatment, according to patient reviews, the solution has a more noticeable effect than the spray.

How to Use the Medication

Lugol spray for tonsillitis is applied from 2 to 6 times a day. The frequency of use depends on how severe the disease is. Spraying the mucous membrane of the mouth, throat, and palate is done by pressing the spray head. It is recommended to inhale and hold your breath before spraying. It is better not to eat or drink anything for half an hour immediately after the procedure. If the product gets into the eyes, they should be washed. Water is used initially for this, followed by a solution of sodium thiosulfate.

If Lugol's solution is chosen, its use for tonsillitis involves smearing the tonsils with cotton swabs. They are secured on tweezers or wound on a pencil. You can also simply suck on a piece of cotton soaked in Lugol's solution for a few minutes.

During the procedure, traces of pus on the cotton can be noticed. It is advisable to change it several times during the smearing process. Sometimes, due to the peculiar taste and smell of the substance, it is not possible to smear all areas at once. In such a situation, it is recommended to repeat the procedure after a certain period of time.

To reduce discomfort during the procedure, it is recommended not to swallow saliva. If you feel very thirsty after the procedure, it's better to wait for an hour or two, or, in extreme cases, drink a very small amount of water.

Lugol's Solution During Pregnancy

Many specialists claim that this remedy is absolutely safe for pregnant women. They support their point of view with several facts: firstly, the drug is applied locally, and secondly, the concentration of iodine in it is low. Experts also point out that many people lack iodine in their bodies. The deficiency of this element poses a threat to the normal functioning of the thyroid gland of the future mother and fetus.

However, many medical professionals caution that there is not enough information about the impact of the drug on pregnancy. Moreover, the instructions for it state that it should not be used during pregnancy.

Treatment of Children

In the case of such a drug as Lugol, its use for tonsillitis in children is considered safe from 6 months. The spray is not recommended for use if the child is less than a year old.

Sometimes, small children are treated by dipping a pacifier into the solution and giving it to the baby. However, it is better to postpone the use of this remedy until a more conscious age.


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