Detoxification from drugs. Drug detox. Comprehensive Detox Treatment in Kiev..

testfile322Drug detoxification or detox conducted on the basis of Doctor Dolinsky Clinical is a complex of measures such as blood clearance from drugs and comprehensive rehabilitation of physical and psychological spheres of life. Purification of body from drugs through a dropper – nowadays is the most safe and effective method to remove withdrawal symptoms drugs after drug consumption.

The course is made through the dropper in 3 times, during which the blood is cleared from drugs completely, at the same time removed all the symptoms of withdrawal syndrome. Detoxification from drugs is conducted only by a medical specialist on a residential basis. Client going through drug detoxification is completely isolated from the opportunity to return to drug use while taking the course.

In addition to detoxification through the dropper, the course includes physical rehabilitation for a term from 14 to 28 days. During this period, on the basis of Doctor Dolinsky Clinical client restores the the physical resources for future addiction treatment on his own or within rehabilitation center. If necessary, the narcologist may prescribe an auxiliary medical treatment, if the patient is in need of correction of his psycho-emotional state.

narkologija-v-izraile3Drug detoxification course also includes psychological and psychotherapeutic support. On At Doctor Dolinsky Clinical department the client is supported by psychologist, psychotherapist and chemical dependencies advisors. If desired, client has the opportunity to carry out individual consultations with experts to resolve the internal problems that resulted in the drug consumption.

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