Eating disorders. Eating Disorder Treatment in Kiev.

Eating disorder – is an unhealthy attitude towards food caused on the psychological and unconscious level.
Eating disorders include a range of conditions that can affect someone physically, psychologically and socially. The most common eating disorders are anorexia and bulimia. Eating disorders are usually associated with an increased risk of premature death. It is important to start the treatment of eating disorder when the first symptoms are found, because the longer a person is in a state of eating disorder, the more complications on the physical and mental level he may acquire.

Rehabilitation center Doctor Dolinsky Clinical offers residential treatment of eating disorders. The main principle of treatment of behavioral disorders is the individual approach to the client, which helps to eliminate the causes of eating disorders in each case.

Treatment for eating disorders can take a long time. It’s important that the person affected wants to get better, and the support of family and friends is invaluable. Treatment often involves an observation on a person’s physical health while helping them deal with the psychological causes. It involves dietary counselling which helps a person to maintain a healthy diet, psychotherapy that focuses on changing how a person thinks about a situation, physiotherapy, fitness workouts. If needed the pharmacological support is provided.

The psychotherapist and the psychological service consists of people who have years of experience in treatment of eating disorders. Doctor Dolinsky Clinical offers a special department dedicated exclusively for the treatment of anorexia and bulimia treatment, as well as other eating disorders.

Work with a nutritionist and fitness trainer provides the physical recovery and generation of an new models of healthy eating, in which the client is satisfied and does not want to go back to old habits that can initiate eating disorders.

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