Treatment of female drug addiction. Drug rehabilitation treatment.

Female drug addiction has a special character and consequences, due to the nature biochemistry of female hormonal and nervous system. Drug addiction among women is not as common as it is among males, but the consequences of drug use in the case of women’s addiction can be much more harmful and irreversible.

First of all we are talking about psyche and physical health of the client. The consequences of drug use among women in the emotional sphere undermines the psyche and the client’s perception, so the treatment of female addiction at Doctor Dolinsky Clinicalis carried out by specialists strictly individually.

Doctor Dolinsky Clinical provides treatment of drug addiction according to the patented author method, the basic principles of which is the comprehensive rehabilitation of the physical and mental aspects of life, an individual approach to each client, drug addiction psychotherapy, as a tool for elimination of causes of addiction. Methods of treatment of drug addiction at Doctor Dolinsky Clinical implies the restoration of all spheres of life of the client which were destroyed due to drug addiction, namely physical, emotional, social and personal.

Treatment of female drug addiction at Doctor Dolinsky Clinical is conducted according to the above principles. The difference from the general program is the individual approach to the consequences of drug use and health complications of the psyche and the body which arises in case of female drug addiction.

The main problem of female drug addiction – is the rapid pace of development of addiction, irreversible consequences and a more severe flow of disease. Therefore specialists at Doctor Dolinsky Clinical develop a specific approach to the treatment of female addiction. First of all separate subgroups are created, with which psychologist and psychotherapist are working individually.

Clients of different genders live separately. Individual program of treatment of female drug addiction allows the client effectively overcome the consequences of drug use.

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