Residential (inpatient) treatment of alcoholism. Alcoholism treatment in Kiev.

muzchina-v-bolniceResidential treatment of alcoholism — is a treatment of alcohol addicted people on the base of DDC. In residential treatment programs factors that influence negatively a patient’s daily experience, are removed from participants.

Residental treatment of alcoholism is a necessary measure for the client and his inner circle, due to the total loss of control of alcohol consumption. Inpatient alcoholism treatment is a guarantee of sobriety at the time of work with specialists. This is important because the recovery from alcoholism is impossible without a long-term abstinence from alcohol.

Treatment of alcoholism on a residential basis — is a guarantee that the client will be safe, and his condition will improve. On the base of DDC in order to restore health, special conditions have been created. They include nourishing diet, moderate physical activities and regime of the day, kinesiotherapy, sauna complex, massage, psychological correction.

Inpatient treatment of alcoholism on the base of DDC — are comprehensive measures, aimed at restoring the all spheres of human life: physical, social, mental and personal. Preparations are being made In order to develop practical skills to save sobriety, work with a psychologist and psychotherapist, personal development and training work, resocialization of the patient.
If necessary the alcohol detoxification is made. Narcologist can observe the patient and if it is needed, prescribes medication

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