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sozavisimostIn case of drug addiction, alcoholism or any other addiction, codependency is a state of painful emotional and physical attachment to the person, which goes together with the chemical addiction. This means that addiction affects not only the addict, but also his inner circle. Codependency is dangerous because person who takes part in codependent relationship, cannot see the main problem – chemical addiction of a drug addict or an alcoholic. Therefore, treatment of codependence and therapy, it is as a necessary measure, as well as rehabilitation of drug addiction or alcoholism.

Treatment of the disease – first of all is a complete rejection from drug use and alcohol сonsumption, and secondly complex family therapy aimed at normalization of relations within the family.

Nowadays, rehabilitation of the addicts is the best solution, since the addict is completely isolated from drugs and alcohol. Also special conditions that are created at the rehabilitation centre are leading to the permanent and continuous recovery of the body and mind, socialization and personality changes.

04However, the client’s family can not participate directly in the process, despite the fact that the normalization of the family climate is very important. It is important to eliminate those behavior patterns that could lead to relapse after rehabilitation process.
Codependency treatment allows to identify and get rid of unwanted behavior patterns and attitudes, which were the result of the problem. On the one hand it is related to overprotection expressed in excessive care, on the other hand – to the lack of care.

Codependency treatment – is an individual process, as each case has its own specifics. However, we offer standardized treatment program, involving specific services, such as trainings for members of the families, family therapy and support of the psychotherapist and other professionals.

Codependency treatment – it is an integral and necessary measure, since it is important for the addict to achieve understanding of his relatives.

At Doctor Dolinsky Clinical you will receive not only detailed information about codependency treatment, but also expert advice and the effective suggestions exactly in your situation!

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