Treatment of synthetic cannabinoids addiction. Spice addicts treatment. Treatment of synthetic marijuana addiction in Kiev.

Treatment of synthetic cannabis addiction (also known as “Spice”) – is a necessary measure, which is important to conduct as soon as possible. Doctor Dolinsky Clinical provides treatment of spice addiction on the residential basis.

Spice and smoking mixtures is a generic name for a number of synthetic drugs, which are taken by smoking. Spice and smoking mixtures is a synthetic analogue of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the active substance in marijuana). However, the destructive influence and consequences after spice consumption is many times more severe than the consequences after the above mentioned drug

Spice and smoking mixtures are synthesized mainly in China, from where the drug is imported into European countries through CIS countries. It is now very easy to buy drug in Ukraine, as the drug is distributed rapidly, and control of its turnover at the state level is not adjusted.

Treatment of spice addiction should be carried out as quickly as possible, because the consequences of the usage are irreversible and occur even after the first trial. The consequences of the spice usage are primarily expressed in the degeneration of nerve cells in the brain, which is accompanied by a violation of perception, consciousness, mental and emotional state of the patient. Client becomes an uncontrolled and dangerous first of all for himself. If you do not stop the use of spice, addict risks acquire incurable mental disorders.

Treatment of spice addiction can be effectively conducted only in a closed hospital, where the patient is constantly involved in drug treatment programs, and has no access to narcotic substances.

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