Stages of Alcoholism. Alcoholism symptoms. The costs and consequences of alcoholism. 3 stages of alcoholism: early, chronic and end stage.

Alcoholism – is a primary, chronic disease, often progressive and fatal caused by uncontrolled consumption of alcohol. Alcoholism is expressed in an irresistible craving for alcohol, and has three stages of the disease.
Stages of alcoholism have their own features that affects the treatment of alcoholism in each of them.
The stages of alcoholism can progress to the point that it can have serious consequences for the addicts unless intervention and proper treatment comes into play.

There are three stages of alcoholism. Each stage is treated separately by specialists in Doctor Dolinsky Clinical.

The first stage of alcoholism – alcoholism symptoms.

The first stage of alcoholism – alcoholism symptoms.
The first stage of alcoholism is characterized by the fact that the client is experiencing psychological distress without alcohol consumption. At this stage formed psychological dependence that is is the main problem of the disease.
Early alcoholism is often noteless to the drinker or others. The first stage of alcoholism is a general experimentation with alcohol. These drinkers may be new to different forms of alcohol and likely to test their limits. This stage signifies the drinker using alcohol on a regular basis and building a tolerance to the substance. Tolerance is marked by drinking more while still functioning in normal daily activities. The early stage of alcoholism also leads to the body showing early signs of withdrawal.
Treatment in a stationary regime and the constant support of specialists allows to overcome the daniel barrier, and start effective treatment of alcoholism.

The second stage of alcoholism – increased drinking.

The second stage of alcoholism is characterized by a significant increase in tolerance to alcohol. The desire to drink more alcohol to achieve intoxication grows during this stage. The person starts drinking alcohol in times more without reaching intoxicating effect. The body becomes more dependent on the substance yet the mind does not necessarily acknowledge this fact. There comes a physical dependence on alcohol.
Treatment of alcoholism in the second stage should be carried out immediately in order to prevent the physical consequences of alcohol abuse, which are irreversible.

The third stage of alcoholism.
Chronic loss of control signifies the third stage of alcoholism.

This includes obsessions with drinking, avoidance of normal activities and spending time engaged in alcohol related behavior. The physical effects of alcohol abuse are expressed in toxic hepatitis which turns into cirrhosis, depletion of tissue and muscles and so on. Tolerance decreases sharply and now, to achieve the intoxicating effect is enough to consume small amount of alcohol. Withdrawal syndrome, usually accompanied by delirium (“delirium tremens”). Output from hard drinking alone (without help of specialists) can lead to a death of the patient, that is why it is necessary to conduct complex detoxification.
Treatment of alcoholism in the third stage – is a time-consuming procedure which can last for about six months.

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