Treatment of Compulsive buying disorder (CBD). Consequences of CBD. Compulsive buying disorder treatment.

CBD or oniomania — is a form of addictive behavior, expressed in an irresistible desire to make unnecessary and often expensive and meaningless purchases. CBD is a behavioral, chronic addiction. Compulsive buying disorder become a significant problem for the addict and his inner circle.

Consequences of compulsive buying disorder are broken relationships from shopping, the growing financial difficulties, decreased self-esteem as a result of overspending when you intended not to, feeling anxious about shopping and most importantly, the inability to stop the dependent behavior of CBD.

Therefore, treatment of compulsive buying disorder at DDC reduces addictive behavior. CBD treatment is carried out by a complex method of treatment of addiction, under which the client works with a psychotherapist, psychologist, coach-trainer, massage therapist and physiologists. Client has the possibility to get round the clock advice and psychological support of specialists working at DDC.

Find joy in life, methods of of its satisfaction, that is the problem inherent in all eras and civilizations. As the practice shows, rising standard of living and reaching a comfort zone only exacerbates this problem, making it the main one. That lack of taste for life and enjoyment push people to look for ways to solve this problem in an uncontrolled shopping. However, none of the financial values is unable to replace the value of life satisfaction, because it is the source of the continuous development.

Character development and psychotherapy systems of behavior and perception is the basis of CBD treatment. Due to this approach, specialists working at DDC achieve fast and efficient solutions in the lives of their clients, CBD is not an insurmountable problem, treatment of this problem helps to open up new, creative sources of joy in life.

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