Major depressive disorder (MDD) treatment. Treatment of depression in Kiev. Rehabilitation.

Specialists of Doctor Dolinsky Clinical rehabilitation center provide comprehensive treatment of depression at all stages of the disease with an individual approach to each patient. The involvement of specialists in different fields helps to recover all aspects of human life, suffering from depression.

Nowadays depression is one of the most common mental disorders. According to WHO statistics, more than 750 million people of the world’s population exposed to one or another stage of depression. This is not surprising, because the urban lifestyle, a constant lack of time hinder the life balance. The body and mind resources are exhausted under the pressure of daily life and unresolved problems, and there is a failure of perception, expressed in depressive disorder.

Depression – a disease on the physiological and biochemical level. This means that the treatment of depression at Doctor Dolinsky Clinical carried out only by specialists with the necessary restoration and development in all spheres of life. At Doctor Dolinsky Clinical the client has support of such specialists, as a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, coach, reflexologist and massage therapist. In order to prevent critical situation, client is accompanied by specialists all the time.

The nature of depression requires a comprehensive approach, otherwise it won’t be possible to eliminate all causes of depression. Treatment of depression on your own or treatment at home without support of specialists can only make things worse. The longer a person is in a state of depression, the more severe the disease becomes and the harder it is to start the treatment.

If necessary, a psychiatrist may prescribe medication treatment MDD. Medicamental treatment of depression is held under the constant supervision, so has high efficiency and minimum risks.

Coping with depression is possible. Contact our specialists and solve the problem!

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