Kleptomania. Treatment of kleptomania.

Kleptomania – is a behavioral disorder, which is expressed in the inability to refrain from the urge to steal items, the stolen objects does not matter, since the dependence of theft arises from the process itself. Kleptomania is socially harmful dependence as the victim can not control his behavior. Kleptomania treatment on your own is impossible, since the client without the help of specialists is not able to identify and eliminate the unconscious reflexes which form cravings to steal.

The main method used in kleptomania treatment at Doctor Dolinsky Clinical is psychotherapy. Interaction with a psychologist and psychotherapist becoming effective due to the fact that the client’s identity is involved in the recovery process. By changing attitude towards problems allow to regain control over behavior and in the future to get rid of kleptomania completely.

Treatment of kleptomania at Doctor Dolinsky Clinical is carried out in the form of psychotherapy, therapy, personal development and psychological assistance within inpatient mode. The constant involvement of the client in the recovery process is a necessary condition for kleptomania treatment.

Treatment of kleptomania in Doctor Dolinsky Clinical rehabilitation center include an obligatory client socialization. Phasing out into society with the support of specialists, makes the changes in the behavior and habits of the client as painless as possible.

Treatment of kleptomania at Doctor Dolinsky Clinical – is also as comprehensive development of the client. The client has the opportunity to improve his physical, social, personal and emotional sphere. As for this, rehabilitation center Doctor Dolinsky Clinical offers a coach, physiologist, massage therapist and reflexologist services. Also the client has access to a gym, and sauna.

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